Waste Management

Woodanilling Refuse and Recycling Site

The main rubbish disposal site is situated in the western side of the Woodanilling townsite on Orchard Road. Rubbish sites can be the source of health hazards, and is restricted to Woodanilling residents use only.

The rubbish tip has segregated tipping areas to make use and management of the tip easier. Please observe the directions at the rubbish site and place rubbish in the correct disposal areas.

Tip Opening Hours

Thursday   9am -1pm (4 hours)
Saturday 12pm - 5pm (5 hours)
Sunday  2pm - 5pm (3 hours)
Please be aware that hours could change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Tip Pass

For all general bin services you are required to present a current tip pass at the Woodanilling Refuse and Recycling Centre gate for exemption of fees.

No Tip Pass - No exemption.

Every Rate Assessment is allocated 1 tip pass for use at the Woodanilling Refuse Site.

If you rent a property in Woodanilling and require a tip pass please contact your landlord.

Please contact the shire office for more information 9823 1506

Please note tip passes are for general waste in bins only and does not exempt you from other dumping fees and charges.

Tip Pass application form

Refuse site Fees and Charges

In the table below, are the proposed charges that will apply to everyone when arriving at the Woodanilling Refuse Site unless you have a tip pass.
Remember that Cans, Bottles & glass, Plastic containers, Paper, Flattened cardboard boxes all go into the Green & Yellow recycle bin, area.
Although there are some loads that will always be charged for, even when you have a tip pass. ie: Tyres, Waste oil, Asbestos, White goods that have not been de-gassed, loads of contaminated materials like wood, metal, soil, garden & junk all mixed in together. These items cost the council to dispose of.
So if you are bringing a load to the tip, Please sort it as you load, or only bring one type of material at a time. Council is considering charging for all loads of rubbish that are not sorted irrespective of having a tip pass or not.

Refuse Site Fees 
1 x 120 litre or 240 litre Mobile Garbage Bin (and units of 240 litre there-after)  $10.00
Car Boot Load  $10.00
Station wagon Boot Load  $10.00
Van - Utility – Trailer (not exceeding 1.8m x 2.4m)  $20.00
Small Truck (2-4 tonne)  $50.00
Medium Truck (4-6 tonne)  $75.00
Truck (6-8 tonne)  $100.00
Truck (8 plus tonne single axle)  $200.00
Truck (8 plus tonne dual axle)  $220.00
Truck (semi trailer 20m³ capacity)  $330.00
Bulk Bin (3m³ or less)  $75.00
Bulk Bin (3m³ - 6m³)  $100.00
Bulk Bin (6m³ - 10m³)  $200.00
Bulk Bin (exceeding 10m³) 


Asbestos ($110/m³ or part thereof) Approval Required before acceptance Cost to be negotiated 
Septage ($11/kl)  Not accepted
Waste Oil (to be deposited in the Oil Recycling Facility)  at cost +20%
Tyres  per tyre $25.00
Salt - per 10m3 $550.00


Woodanilling offers a small drop-off recycling service. The recycling bins are located at the rubbish tip site.

By providing a recycling facility it is Council’s intention to significantly reduce the amount of recyclable waste from residential rubbish collection not only benefiting the environment, but also reducing time and costs associated with rubbish tip maintenance and collection.

Users of the recycling facility are reminded that all milk and drink containers including cans are washed and rinsed to ensure that ants are not attracted or odours created.

Waste Oils

Council has a waste oil recycling facility at the Woodanilling rubbish tip.  This project was funded 100% by Environment Australia, please follow the instructions onsite.

Green Waste

A sign posted green waste area has been allocated at the rubbish tip site. The Shire encourages the community to discard their green waste in the designated area.

Chemical Containers

Residents of the district may participate in the annual Drummuster program operated by the Shire.  To take advantage of this free service please contact your local authority.

Townsite Collection

Council provides a weekly domestic rubbish 240lt rubbish bin collection service to the Woodanilling Townsite and ratepayers on the Robinson Road and Albany Highway (on request). 

The collection service has several advantages including improved health and safety issues for the collector and users, reduction in rubbish disturbances by animals and weather conditions and the elimination of spillages and breakages. The service is charged with annual rates.

Rubbish is collected on a weekly basis, every Thursday, Recycling is collected on a fortnightly basis, please place your bins on the kerbside on your main access road.