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Woodanilling Bushfire Zone Contacts

Woodanilling Bushfire Executive Contacts
Chief Bush Fire Control Officer

Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officer 

Senior Fire Control Officer 1  CESM Woody
Evan Hall Mal Baxter Lachlan Patterson Cindy Pearce
Woody 1 Woody 2 Woody 3
M:0467 160 779 M 0428 313 010  M: 0428 611 987 M: 0417 071 567


Fire Break Notice

For a copy of the Fire Break Notice please select here 

Restricted Burning Period

19 September to 31 October (Inclusive)

Permits are required for all fires lit during the restricted burning times and must be obtained from your local Fire Control Officer who will explain the conditions under which fires may be lit.

Permits must be obtained for burning during restricted burning times

Vehicle And Machinery Movement Bans

It is your responsibility as a member of the local community to be aware of any bans in place before carrying out activities such as harvesting or driving in paddocks if conditions are not suitable. You could be fined for breaching a ban.

A Harvest and Vehicle Movement Ban or Vehicle Movement ban is a ban that individual local governments are responsible for implementing under the Bush Fires Regulations 1954 Section 38A, and/or Section 24C.

The Shire will impose the ban when the Chief Bushfire Control Office in consultation with Fire Control Officers are of the opinion that the use of engines, vehicles, plant or machinery during the heat of the day could cause a fire.

The following options are available to find out if a ban has been imposed and review times:

  • Harvest and vehicle movement ban hotline that can be rung to obtain the current ban information. The contact number is 9823 1056. This number is updated as bans are imposed and lifted.
  • Contact the Shire office on 9823 1506 to sign up for out SMS alert system which will send an SMS to your mobile when a ban has been imposed or lifted in the Shire of Woodanilling
  • ABC radio is also notified of bans and these are broadcast at set times during the day.

The responsibility remains on the individual to ensure these not a ban in place before carrying out an activity that may be banned.

Total Fire Bans

Total Fire Bans are considered by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services when the weather prediction for this area reaches a Fire Danger Index Rating of 60.

Total Fire Ban information on what can and cannot be done can be located on the DFES website under the Total Fire Ban heading.

If you require further clarification please contact your local Fire Control Officer.

Weather Information

The Woodanilling district is covered under the Great Southern Beaufort Area.

Daily weather conditions and forecast can be obtained by listening to ABC Radio Morning Session between 6.30 and 7.00am.

Another method of obtaining weather conditions is to visit the Bureau of meteorology website: www.bom.gov.au where you can take the following steps:

  • Review weather and warnings in Western Australia
  • Fire weather warnings
  • Western Australians Forecasts
  • Fire weather forecast for SW land division (Beaufort District)

Fire Brigade Boundary Changes 2012-13

The Woodanilling Fire Brigade has changed the Brigade Boundaries:

Central Brigade: New boundary is on the edge of the town site boundary to include Residential and Local Rural Properties

Boyerine Westwood Brigade: Boyerine and Westwood brigades have merged. East railway boundary, West Boundaries (with Kenmare Brigade) on Flagstaff, Robinson, Westwood and River Roads.

Cartmeticup Brigade: West Railway Boundary. East Boundary (with Glencoe Brigade) Ballaying, School and Harvey Roads.

Brigade Boundaries