Community Budget Requests – Draft Budget Considerations for the 2023/2024 year

The Shire of Woodanilling is taking the opportunity for the community to put forward requests to be considered during the annual draft Budget process. The requests can be for specific items, community projects, sponsorship ideas, new services or improvements to Council buildings, assets, facilities and services. All submissions received will be presented to the Council and considered as part of the Draft Budget process which commence in March through to July/August of any one year. All applicants will be contacted post budget adoption and personally informed of the outcome of their submission.


Please download an application form here.


The closing date for submissions is 4.30pm on Friday 28th April 2023 and submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer at the following email address –

Thank you for taking the time for this importance step forward to working together as one.


Kellie Bartley                                                                                      Cr Stephen Jefferies
Chief Executive Officer  Shire President