2018-19 Rates & Budget Information

Volunteer gardeners at newly build Wattleville units

Volunteer gardeners at newly built Wattleville Units

Payment of Rates

Your rates notice contains all the information regarding early payment discounts, instalment options, and penalty interest rates.

Should there be any reason why you cannot pay your rates, please contact our Chief Executive Officer to put a payment plan in place.

Objections & Appeals

The Valuer General’s office provides periodic valuations of all properties within the district. If you wish to object to the valuation of the property, this must be done within 42 days of the original issue date of the rate notice from Council. Rates must be paid by the nominated due dates even if an objection has been lodged. A refund amount will be issued if applicable.


Need a copy of your rates notice? Just contact the office and we can print one on the spot or alternatively email it to you.

Change of Address

If you have changed your details please email your new information to shire@woodanilling.wa.gov.au, return the slip from the bottom of your rates notice to the Shire office, or click here to complete the online form.

Pensioner & Senior Rebates

The Water Corporation provides an online registration service for pensioners and seniors to apply for the concession on their water and local government rates.

The Water Corporation will also register pensioners and seniors who are NOT their customers.

To apply for a Pensioner and Senior rebates please visit the water corporation website www.watercorporation.com.au or phone Water Corporation on 1300 659 951.

2018/2019 Adopted budget

Council adopted the 2018/2019 budget at the ordinary Council meeting in July 2018, and agreed to a 5% increase in the amount to be raised by rates. To view the 2018/19 budget click here

Executive Summary

This year the following can be expected:

  • Rates increase will be in the order of 5%
  • The discount on early payment of rates remains at  5% in line with declining interest rate trends
  • Interest on outstanding rates and charges remains at 11% as legislated.
  • Refuse collection rates increase by 5% and recycling collection remains free to the community.