Town Planning Scheme 

Planning/Development Application Information

The Shire of Woodanilling provides the following information as a guide for planning/development applications, this is not all information regarding it's Town Planning Scheme No. 1.  Further information can be obtained by contacting the Shire Office.

It should be noted that Council may require the application to be advertised, referred to other agencies or adjoining owners.  The assessment of your application cannot be completed until all information and fees are received.  Your attention to all requirements will ensure prompt assessment of your application. 

Town Planning Scheme Policies

Application for Development approval


The Shire of Woodanilling Town Planning Scheme No. 1 Scheme Text and the Scheme Map is available for inspection at the Shire Office upon request. The full Scheme Text and Maps should be referred to when considering any request for development. 

Below is a link to the Town Planning Scheme No 1 with all relevant information.

The Residential Design Codes are available to view by clicking on the link below.

State Planning Policy 36 is available for viewing by clicking on the link below.

Development of Land

Requirement for approval to commence development
All development on land zoned and reserved under the Scheme requires the prior approval of the local government. A person must not commence or carry out any development without first having applied for and obtained the planning approval of the local government.

‘Development’ is relevantly defined as:

‘means the development or use of any land, including –

    1. any demolition, erection, construction, alteration of or addition to any building or structure on the land;
    2. the carrying out on the land of any excavation or other works;
    3. in the case of a place to which a Conservation Order made under section 59 of the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990 applies, any act or thing that –
      1. is likely to change the character of that place or the external appearance of any building; or
      2. would constitute an irreversible alteration of the fabric of any building;’


Development on Lots Abutting Unconstructed Roads or with no Gazetted Road Access

Notwithstanding anything else appearing in the Scheme, planning approval is required for development of land abutting an unconstructed road or a lot which does not have frontage to a constructed road. In considering such an application the Council shall either:

  1. refuse the application until the road has been constructed or access by means of a constructed road is provided as the case may be; or
  2. grant the application subject to a condition requiring the applicant to pay a sum of money in or towards payment of the cost or estimated cost of construction of the road or part thereof and any other conditions it thinks fit to impose; or
  3. require such other arrangements are made for permanent access as shall be to the satisfaction of the Council