Roads and Works

One of Councils objective is to provide quality services to Woodanilling residents, ratepayers and neighbouring shires. In doing so Woodanilling offers a range of private works suitable and accessible to our community.

Private Works

The Shire of Woodanilling offers a private works service to our community. Services include sand, water or gravel cartage, crossover works, house pads and plant hire. A list of fees and charges are published in the Annual Council Budget. For a private works request form or for fees and charges please see the links below.

Roads to Recovery Programme

In November 2000, the Federal Government announced a $1.2 billion boost in its funding for local roads through the Roads to Recovery Programme with $850 million to be spent in rural and regional Australia.

The Programme was to run from 1 January 2001 to 30 June 2005. However, pressure quickly developed for an extension of the programme beyond 2005, even at this early stage in the Programme.

The Australian Governments Roads to Recovery (R2R) program has now become an essential element in local government's ability to maintain and upgrade the local roads network. It is an outstanding example of a partnership between the national and local governments and of providing direct funding to local communities.

The Roads to Recovery Programme was introduced as a single intervention by the Commonwealth to address the specific problem that much local government road infrastructure is about to reach the end of its economic life and its replacement is beyond the capacity of local government.

The program specifies the funding available to each Council over the life of the Programme and these allocations are fixed for the life of the Programme. Councils are required to at least maintain their own spending on roads at a level equal to the average of their expenditure.

The distribution of Roads to Recovery funds between States and Territories was based on historical precedents, length of local roads and population. Allocations between Councils within each State are in accordance with formulae adopted by State Grants Commissions for the distribution of Financial Assistance Grants identified for roads.

The annual reporting requirements include an audited statement, which provides public accountability for the funds and an assessment of the works undertaken against a set of desired outcomes.

2013-14 R2R projects

  • Trimmer Road
  • Ways Road
  • Harvey Road
  • Shaw Road
  • Venn Road
  • Steere Road
  • Withnell Road
  • Monger Road
  • Haddleton Road

Great Southern Regional Road Group

There are ten RRGs in WA, established under the State Road Funds to Local Government Agreement which is overseen by a State Advisory Committee (SAC). The Shire of Woodanilling is part of the Great Southern Regional Road Group. The RRGs make recommendations to SAC in relation to the Annual Local Government Roads Program for their Region and any other relevant issues.

As such, RRGs are responsible for assessing Local Government road funding needs; prioritising Road Projects and Black Spot projects; developing long-term plans for the distribution of Road Projects and Black Spot grants; monitoring and reporting program effectiveness; monitoring expenditure on approved local roads projects; raising relevant issues; and the development of regional funding prioritisation guidelines based on recommended standards.

The RRGs are comprised of elected representatives from each Local Government within the road group. RRGs are important in providing Local Government with a voice in how the State Government’s contribution to local roads is spent. Regional Road Group members serve a vital and valuable role in ensuring that road funding decisions maximise community benefits and preserve and improve the road system across Western Australia.

2013-14 RRG Projects

  • Oxley Road Shoulder Widening
  • Oxley Road Reseal
  • Robinson Road Shoulder Widening
  • Robinson Road Reseal
  • Cartmeticup Road Reseal


  • Onslow Road Bridge
  • Burt Road Reseal (R4R)
  • Cartmeticup Road Reseal (R4R)
  • Robinson West Road Maintenance
  • Oxley Road Maintenance