All dog owners are legally required to register their dog with council.

Dog registration fees are used to help recover a portion of Council’s cost not only in licensing dogs but also in administration and enforcement of the Dog Act.

Dog Registration Fees

All Dog licenses expire on 31st October. Dog owners have the option of either 1 year, 3 years or Lifetime registrations.

Prices are as follows

Dog registration fees
Pensioner Fee ½ Price
Unsterilised  1 year $50/ dog
Unsterilised  3 Years $100/ dog
Unsterilised- Lifetime $250/ dog
Sterilised – 1 Year $20/ dog
Sterilised – 3 Years $50/ dog
Sterilised- Lifetime $100/ dog

Pensioners are only required to pay half of the fee payable and dogs used for droving are required to pay quarter of the fee payable. Dangerous dogs must be registered annually.

How To Register Your Dog

Dog Registration Form

Dog registrations only take a few minutes simply fill out a registration form and we will then enter all information into our system and issue you with a registration tag.

In most cases dog registrations are done at the shire office, however they can be arranged via email request, telephone, provided the correct information is given and a cheque or money order is mailed to the shire or a credit card payment is made over the phone. The registration will not proceed until payment of the prescribed fee is received. The shire will then post a registration tag to your nominated address.

Registration Requirements:

  • All new dogs being registered for the first time and dogs changing owners will need to be micro-chipped from 1 November 2013. Dangerous Dog are required to be microchipped by the 30 November 2013. All other dogs are required to be microchipped by the 1 November 2015 This information is required to be produced upon registration.

  • The dog owner must be at least 18 years of age

Cancelling a Registration

A registration can be cancelled if the Dog has left the district, is deceased or there is a change of ownership.  Please contact the shire for more information.


All dog complaints must be received in writing, to make this easier we have created a Complaint Form, emailed complaints are accepted. Contact for WA Contract Ranger Services is Matthew Sharpe 0459 678 154 or contact the shire office on 9823 1506.