Our Council


Position Name Contact
Shire President Stephen Jefferies

Phone: 9823 1508
Mobile: 0427 479 423
Email: crjefferies@woodanilling.wa.gov.au 

Deputy Shire President Russel Thomson

Mobile: 0419 950 217
Email: kunmallup@bigpond.com 

Councillor Dale Douglas

Phone: 98231 586
Mobile: 0429 231 586
Email: adadalefarm@bigpond.com 

Councillor Peter Morrell

Phone: 9862 5015
Mobile: 0429 625 054
Email: pjmorrell@bigpond.com 

Councillor Tim Brown

Phone: 9823 1115
Mobile: 0418 470 920
Email: timothy.brown@bigpond.com 


Bev Smith

Mobile: 0449 933 613
Email: smithbev12@yahoo.com

All posted correspondence addressed to PO Box 99, Woodanilling WA 6316

Council Committees

Audit Committee

Meets: Monthly  

Members: Full Council

Local Government Regulation16: Audit committee, functions of
An audit committee —
(a) is to provide guidance and assistance to the local government —

(i) as to the carrying out of its functions in relation to audits carried out under Part 7 of the Act; and
(ii) as to the development of a process to be used to select and appoint a person to be an auditor;


(b) may provide guidance and assistance to the local government as to —

(i) matters to be audited; and
(ii) the scope of audits; and
(iii) its functions under Part 6 of the Act; and
(iv) the carrying out of its functions relating to other audits and other matters related to financial management; and

(c) is to review a report given to it by the CEO under regulation 17(3) (the CEO’s report) and is to —

(i) report to the council the results of that review; and
(ii) give a copy of the CEO’s report to the council.

Transport, Plant and Works Committee

2021 - 2022 Transport, Plant and Works 

Full Council

Consider matters relative to transport issues, road works, plant replacement and repairs.

Community Development Committee

2021 - 2022 Community Development Committee 

Members: Cr Jefferies, Cr Douglas and Cr Brown

Consider matters relevant to public halls, recreation and sport, library, heritage (other than natural heritage), other cultural issues, housing, town planning, protection of the environment (natural heritage), sanitation and refuse, public conveniences, cemetery, rural services, tourism, building control, other economic services, governance issues, financial matters, health services, education, fire protection, animal control, other law order and public safety issues including local

"Council and Community – Hand in Hand"

In dealing with individuals, landowners, the community and organisations the Council will:

  • Be fair;
  • Be honest, open and accountable;
  • Respect the views and rights of individuals and groups;
  • Be receptive as everyone in the community counts;
  • Will recognise the increased awareness that a small community brings.
  • Will provide an atmosphere of energy, excitement, optimism and positiveness.
  • Will facilitate group discussion and help to overcome stumbling blocks and conflict.

The Shire of Woodanilling aspires to:

  • Be the best Local Government for our community
  • Work hand in hand with our community
  • Be a leader of small local governments


  • Fostering community spirit and cohesion
  • Excellent customer service
  • Provision of high quality facilities and services
  • Representing community views at an influential level

Kellie Bartley