Centenary Park

Pana Skate Park, Woodanilling
Woodanilling's New Skate facility at Centenary Park

During the Centenary of Federation in 2000, Woodanilling was fortunate to receive funding from the State Government to re-design and refurbish our town park.  The end result saw our simple park progress into a popular park boasting a lush carpet of green grass, an adventurous children’s playground and equipment, and a paved gazebo complete with shaded seating and an electric BBQ free to members of the public.

During the same year Council also received funding to provide a new toilet block to the park further enhancing the value of our park, which provides access for disable patrons.

Prime Ministers’ Pathway

Centenary Park has been designed to hold a historical feel, featuring a stone mounted information plaque which explains the history of Federation.  This is complimented by the Prime Ministers’ Pathway, which provides a pleasant stroll past a series of plaques, with the purpose of exploring the history of Australia’s Prime Ministers since Federation.

Centenary Park and the Prime Ministers’ Pathway are positioned in the centre of the Townsite on corners of Carlton and Carlisle Streets.

New Skate Facility

Since July 2000, the shire has actively pursued various unsuccessful funding applications to assist in the installation of a skate facility at Centenary Park for the young people of Woodanilling.

In May 2003, Woodanilling were finally successful in obtaining $16,800 from the Office of Crime Prevention, under their Community Security Program, to part fund a skate park equally 50% of the total project.  The Park was quickly constructed by Skate Tech (designed by Convic Skate Parks) and fully accessible from late October.  During November 2003, the skate facility was completed with the installation of 2 shaded seating structures, the installation of a drinking fountain and the laying of roll-on turf, assisting in the retention of soil and to beautify the area.

The park continues to develop into a wonderful asset to Woodanilling and our community.