Council Policies

In 2013 Shire staff began to reveiw Council’s Policy Manual. The reveiw process was based on whether it is a policy or procedure, the Legal parent & subsidiary, any related delegation, if the policy had an appropriate objective, practicality of the policy implementation and ease of use and understanding.

The reveiw was then contracted to James Trail who was reveiwing Policy Manuals for Shire’s in the 4WDL VROC.  The reveiw was completed in December 2013 and the Policies adopted by Council in February 2014.


Customer Service.3 Ensure quality decision making by Council is supported by good policies, procedures and legislation

Stategy: Regular review of policies and existing related plans including use of benchmarking via 4WD VROC

Strategic Implications Information
Policy NumberHeading
1 Policy Definitions
2 Access to private properties
11 Bush fire brigade sustenance
15 Code of conduct for councillors & staff
16 Recovery of rates and charges
20 Contour banks and deep drainage
21 Council meeting system
23 Crown land, wildflowers & native seed collection
25 Crossover – access to private property from a council road
31 Fence line clearing within road reserves
37 Gravel road construction standard
40 Guidelines for plantation fire protection
47 Occupational Safety and Health
51 Private works
53 Public Library and Internet Access
54 Purchasing Policy
56 Record Keeping Policy
58 Road sealing
59 Rubbish collection district
61 Severance pay and redundancy policy
62 Smoking in the Workplace
63 Human Resource (and other staff related matters)
73 Stand pipes
74 Stock on roads
76 Conference – attendance by elected members, committee members or employees and payment of expenses
79 Woodanilling Wongi (local public notice)
81 Use of shire of Woodanilling facilities
82 Road side memorials
83 Community events fund
84 Community engagement
85 More than two (2) dogs
86 Workforce planning and management
87 Local government amalgamations
88 Adopting, amending or rescinding policies
89 Asset Management
90 E-Engagement
91 Drug and Alcohol Workplace
92 Training and Development
93 Contractor Management
94 Workplace Behavior
95 Risk Management