Woodanilling Cemetery

Cemetery 2014


The Woodanilling Cemetery is located on Reserve 11586, Great Southern Highway, Woodanilling WA 6316, approximately 1km south of the Robinson Road/Great Southern Highway intersection.


The very first entry in the Burial register was made on the 29th May 1915. Our cemetery is very small and peaceful, with just 132 recorded entries. The cemetery records hold a very important link with past and present resident and is a vital source of information on the history of Woodanilling.

Facilities And Services

Forming part of Council’s maintenance program, the cemetery is kept in a neat and tidy condition, and are responsible for the provision of chairs and other special requirements during a funeral.

Our cemetery has religious denominations of the Uniting, Baptist, Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches and also provides a General section. To make a reservation/grant of exclusive right of burial in the Woodanilling Cemetery please contact us.

Cemetary Upgrade Project

The Shire of Woodanilling has formed a Cemetary Porject Team who will implement changes to the Woodanilling Cemetary. The Woodanilling Shire have allocated $12000 for the 2012/13 budget and another $20000 for the 2013/14 financial year to upgrade the Woodanilling Cemetery. The mission statement of the group is:

To commit to the enhancement of the Woodanilling cemetery, with due regard to historical preservation, religious and cultural sensitivities. To create an environment that is respectful, peaceful and a reflection of our past and present societies, for the benefit of our current and future generations.

In 2013 Work began to upgrade the appearance.

  • Shire Works Crew cleared some of the site for better visibility at the road entrance and pruning the avenue of trees leading to the Cemetery.
  • The perimeter fence was carefully removed and a new rabbit netting and jam post fence has been built.
  • A driveway was constructed inside the cemetary area
  • Two equal sized tasteful iron gates replaced the existing gate
  • The Indigenous graves area to the N/W have been fenced
  • The old Rotunda (which was kindly donated by the CWA many years ago) has been removed and a new structure will be built in the near future to provide shelter from sun, rain and wind

We are currently investigating pricing for installing a Wheelchair access toilet. Prices are also now being sought for bench seating to place around the cemetery in shaded areas.