New Shire President

Published on Tuesday, 26 October 2021 at 4:18:05 PM

The Shire of Woodanilling is pleased to announce Cr Stephen Jefferies as the new Shire President.

Stephen has been a Councillor in Woodanilling for the past 2 years and a previous Deputy President in the Shire of Tammin before returning to Woodanilling. He brings a business focus, through his retail and hospitality roles, and as owner of the Woodanilling Tavern.


Russel Thomson did not nominate for the position having served in the role for the last 26 years, and he advised that he was grateful to assist Stephen in the transition as the Deputy President.


The Councillors invited outgoing Councillor Morris Trimming to the swearing in ceremony to thank him for his service on retiring from Council. This leaves one Councillor vacancy left to be filled at an extraordinary election on 17 December 2021.    Photo of New Shire President being sworn in by Ray Baxter JP.

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