Heritage Loan Scheme

Information For Applicants

The Heritage Loan Scheme provides loans at reduced interest rates for heritage conservation works.

Purpose Of The Heritage Loan Scheme

The scheme encourages owners of heritage places to undertake conservation works by offering significant savings in the cost of a loan.

This partnership between Local Governments, the State Government and the private sector reflex a need to invest in the long term future of the State's local heritage and rich cultural history.

To be eligible, projects must be located within the Woodanilling Shire.

Loan Scheme Management

The Heritage Locan Schem,e is administered by the Western Australian Local Government Association and the Heritage Council of WA, and loans are disbursed and managed by StateWest Credit Society.


Eligible Projects

  • Conservation works on places listed in a Shire of Woodanilling's Municipal Heritage Inventory, the Heritage Council's State Register or Heritage Places, the Commonwealth's Register of National Estate or the National Trust of Australia (WA) list of Classified Places;
  • Works to restore moveable heritage items may be considered for assistance in some cases;
  • Works which are in accordance with Woodanilling's planning requirements.

Eligible Applicants

  • Any owner of a heritage property located within Woodanilling.
  • A lessee or occupier of a heritage property within Woodanilling./li>

Loan Details

Percentage Rate

All loans under this scheme are provided at a variable rate of interest currently set at three percent below StateWest standard rates.

Loan Period And Type

The applicant can elect the period of loan within the range offered by the Governing Board.  However, the concessional interest rate expires five years after the loan has been disbursed. After this time the rate of interest will resume to StateWest standard rates.


The Heritage Loan Scheme's Governing Board will normally consider applications twice a year.  Closing date for each lending round are in September and March.  Reger to the Heritage Council website, www.heritage.wa.gov.au or the WA Local Government Association website, www.walga.asn.au for dates.

Applications may be considered on an ad-hoc basis between the bi-annual application periods, if required.

Application forms can be obtained from the Shire Office, or requested online via emailing us.

Futher Information


Heritage Loan Scheme Administration Officer - PH: 1800 644 177.