Community Projects And Grants

4WDL Well Aged Housing Project

The Shire of Woodanilling is part of the 4WD and Lakes VROCs regional alliance coordinating the Well Aged Persons Housing Project.

The Regional Alliance has worked collaboratively together in the preparation of the Age Friendly Communities Report in 2010. It was through this process that a chronic shortage of housing dedicated to aged persons was realised, and hence this project was developed to work towards addressing the needs in the respective communities, based on a regional approach.

The Shires have collectively committed the Regional Component of their Country Local Government Fund and Department’s RDAF funding. The cash component of the project proposes the construction of 52 of units across 7 shires over 5 years - a significant regional project with localised benefits for each community; 4 of which are being built in Woodanilling.

The Shire of Woodanilling 4 Aged Housing units are located at 3 Cardigan Street. Council have continuously consulted with the Aged Housing Focus Group throughout every stage of the project. The Land was purchased for the project in 2012 and the site was cleared and prepped during 2013. In November 2013 M & V Ranieri were awarded the tender for the construction for 4 units. The units were completed on time and are currently fully tenanted.  The official opening of Salmon Gum Place was held on 13th April 2016 and the Hon Terry Waldron officiated.

Cemetary Upgrade Project

The Shire of Woodanilling has formed a Cemetary Project Team who will implement changes to the Woodanilling Cemetary. The Woodanilling Shire have allocated $12000 for the 2012/13 budget and another $20000 for the 2013/14 financial year to upgrade the Woodanilling Cemetery. The mission statement of the group is:

To commit to the enhancement of the Woodanilling cemetery, with due regard to historical preservation, religious and cultural sensitivities. To create an environment that is respectful, peaceful and a reflection of our past and present societies, for the benefit of our current and future generations.


In 2013 Work began to upgrade the appearance.

  • Shire Works Crew cleared some of the site for better visibility at the road entrance and pruning the avenue of trees leading to the Cemetery.
  • The perimeter fence was carefully removed and a new rabbit netting and jam post fence has been built.
  • A driveway was constructed inside the cemetary area
  • Two equal sized tasteful iron gates replaced the existing gate
  • The Indigenous graves area to the N/W have been fenced
  • The old Rotunda (which was kindly donated by the CWA many years ago) has been removed and a new structure will be built in the near future to provide shelter from sun, rain and wind
  • The installation of a new toilet building with wheelchair access and will house a proper flushing toilet. 

Prices are also now being sought for bench seating to place around the cemetery in shaded areas.

Mens Shed Project

Council in August 2011 commenced negotiations with the then owners of Richardson’s Store with a view to subdividing off the store, purchasing the store and getting the title converted to a reserve for the use of a yet to be formed Woodanilling Men’s Shed group.

As with most subdivisions, the process was not a fast one, and the sale was not completed until July 2013. Since then Council has undertaken various works on the site including the erection of a new fence and the connection of power and water to the building.

In 2014 Council will be negotiating with the Woodanilling Men’s Shed group to secure a lease over the building so that the group can commence the restoration work so desperately needed. To ensure the restoration complements the heritage value of the building, Council applied to Lotterywest for a grant to engage a Heritage Architect to provide a restoration plan, however this application has been deferred and the outcome is very uncertain.

The following table shows Council’s considerable commitment to the project so far:

Men's Shed expenditure by council as at January 2014
WhatHow Much
Subdivision costs- surveyors, legal fees, etc $9,862.00
Connection of water and power to site (condition of subdivision) $14,238.63
Sale price including settlement agents and legal fees $43,251.14
Construction of Fence $16,091.58
Men's Shed Incorporation costs $125.45
Poly tank $890.00
TOTAL $84,458.80

In addition to the above costs, Council has allocated $15,000 in its 2013/2014 Budget as a seeding grant to the Men’s Shed to enable them to undertake urgent works, which were to be identified in the Heritage Restoration Plan.