Community Groups & Activities

Woodanilling has a wide and welcoming collection of community groups, sporting groups, clubs and activities for adults and children including-

Woodanilling Playgroup

All parents and caregivers of pre-school aged children are invited to join us for the Woodanilling Playgroup. Playgroup meets every Wednesday at 9.30-11am and alternates between Woodanilling Primary School and Local Sports Pavilion. The days that the playgroup meet at the school, the children will be able to interact with the Pre-Primary students for an activity. This initiative is to help the transition of playgroup children into school years by familiarising them with the school and fellow future peers.

We all bring a piece of fruit to share for morning tea. Come down for some fun craft, group play and other activities as well as a cup of tea for the parents!

If you are interested in joining us, contact Kahlia Stephens 0439 754 391.

Woodanilling P & C

The Woodanilling P&C hold cake stalls and fundraisers throughout the year for the Woodanilling Primary School. 

In December there will be the Christmas Concert and end of year wind-up.

Community members are welcome to join our P&C, with a small school, members are few, and so for $1 you can become a member and join in with the local school community. 

If you are interested in learning more contact:

P&C Secretary: Bindi Murray
Contant Number: 0409 347 299


“Come by and have a cuppa and a chat” – Marjorie Winstanley

Our Woodanilling CWA branch meets in the CWA hall next to the shire offices in the centre of town. They participate in all aspects of town life, including catering, raising money for charity with crafts and organising events like the ANZAC Services.

The CWA would like to invite everyone to come to their friendship meeting held on the 1st Monday of every month at 10am and hold their regular meeting on the 3rd Monday of every month at 10am. For more information contact:

CWA President: Marjorie Winstanley
Contact Number: 9823 1112
Club Secretary: Barb Ashby
Contact Number: 0417 180 361


The Woodanilling Rangers Hockey Club meets for training every Tuesday evening starting at 6.30pm and juniors Thursday starting at 4.30pm at the Woodanilling Sports Complex.

Their season runs from April until October each year.

Locals are welcome to join. The Rangers have a junior ‘D’ Grade team, a women’s team and 2 men’s teams. Woodanilling forms part of the Central Great Southern, games are played throughout the area each Saturday.

For additional information please contact:

Club President: Rick Wise
Contact Number: 9822 8065
Club Secretary: Pip Treloar
Email: 0433 550 483
Contact Number:


The Woody Cricket club meets for training every Friday night and play on Saturday afternoons at the Woodanilling Sport Pavilion, their season runs from October until March each year.

Woodanilling is part of the Great Southern Region therefore a 45 over match is played throughout the region every Saturday.

For additional information please contact:

Club President: Vaughn Baker
Contact Number: 0427 982 310


The Woodanilling Golf Club operates form April – October, and holds a weekly competition on Sunday afternoon for both men and women. Visitors are welcome at any time and there is a green fee of $5. A nine hole social competition is also held on Sunday afternoon for persons with no formal handicap.

The Club has a Men’s and Women’s Open Day in August. It also holds a Mixed Canadian Foursome competition, the Fidock Cup in July.

Woodanilling Golf Club also holds a Restricted Liquor Licence on Sundays.

For more information please contact:

President: Mark Becker
Contact Number: 9823 1664
Captain: Frank Gaudin
Vice President: Roger Crosby
Contact Number: 9822 7035
Secretary, Treasurer: Judy Scott
Contact Number: 9822 7035
Postal Address: PO Box 114, Woodanilling WA 6316

Short Mat Bowls

Woody Short Mat Bowls would like to welcome everyone to come down and try their hands on a Monday night at the Woody Sports Pavilion. The evening starts at 6.30pm with bowls ending at 8.30pm followed by coffee and a chat.

They would love you to join the fun, for any further Information contact Marion Taylor 9823 1354

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