Black Spot Project

The Black Spot project has been developed by the State Government to help reduce crashes on Australian Roads.

Black Spot projects target locations where crashes or near misses have occurred. Effectively assisting to save the community and Local Government the costs of relatively minor improvements to Black Spot sites.

The National program starting in 1996/97 and has been extended until June 2006. Funding for Black Spots is now about $45 million per year, which pays for around 400 sites a year throughout Australia.

Rural Projects

Around 60% of fatal crashes and 50% of serious injury crashes occur outside metropolitan areas. About 50% of the Black Spot funds in each state are reserved for projects in rural areas, ensuring crash locations in these areas are treated.

Site Eligibility

Most sites must have a demonstrated crash history from 2-5 years, however 20% of program funds may be used to treat sites labelled as ‘accidents waiting to happen’. These sites must undergo a successful traffic engineers ‘road safety audit’. Sites include road lengths, intersections, mid-block or short road sections. National Highways and Roads of National Importance are not eligible under the Black Spot program.

Nomination Of Black Spot Sites

Nominations of sites are invited from state and local governments, community groups and associations, road user groups, industry and others.

Click here to download the required nomination form.

Completed forms must be returned to the Shire of Woodanilling.