2014 Community Survey

The Shire of Woodanilling is committed to delivering outstanding customer service to all customers. In our effort to deliver a high level of customer service the Shire sought feedback from residents on the range of services and facilities delivered by the Shire of Woodanilling.

The purpose and value of this survey is for the Shire to understand our community’s level of satisfaction with our services and facilities. These results will help the Shire in developing strategies to improve our performance and allocate resources in the future.

Community Survey

The survey included the following sections:

Section 1: Demographics

Section 2: Interaction with Council

Measure current and preferred methods of receiving information from the Shire and how the Shire can improve communication.

Section 3: Public facilities and services

Measure the level of satisfaction with a number of key Shire facilities and services and how we can improve.

Section 4: Looking to the future

An evaluation of the Shires’ Strategic Community Plan.

Section 5: Open-ended feedback

For open-ended (free text) responses to question about how the Shire can improve and make a general comment about our services.

The Winner of the Hamper was Karryn Thompson!

Karryn's name was drawn at the Electors Meeting to be held on Tuesday 17 February 2015.

We thank everyone that completed the survey.Your feedback will shape our future. The report of the survey outcomes will be presented at the next Council Meeting on Tuesday the 17th March.

The Shire received 38 surveys in total. 7 were online, 8 were from Australia Day and 23 were in the box in our shire office which were handed in over the counter and posted in to the office..